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Kim Kardashian Nose Job


The Kim Kardashian nose job issue had surfaced in the past and even though Kim has persistently denied all the rumors about having her nose done, the issue still lingers. The appearance of Kim’s nose has changed a lot from back when she was not yet famous. Rumors about her nose job intensified even more when a doctor fearlessly gave his forensic analysis on Kim’s nose, claiming that the reality TV starlet surely underwent a nose job.

Whether or not Kim really had her nose prettied up, it would better to understand what this procedure entails.

Rhinoplasty for Better-looking nose 

The doctor may have a point in saying that the reality TV star went through rhinoplasty.  He should be able to know one when he sees it because he has done so many cosmetic procedures, including nose jobs in his career. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which aims to correct and reshape the nose for aesthetic or reconstructive purposes. Many people who receive rhinoplasty often find that their look has improved. The same procedure has also helped people who have breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty takes around 1 to 2 hours, wherein the patient is placed under general anesthesia. The procedure is quite tricky as it involves separating the skin from the framework of the bone. The framework of the bone is formed into its desired shape before re-draping the skin onto the new framework.

So, did Kim Kardashian get a nose job done ?

The plastic surgeon made his forensic analysis on Kim’s rhinoplasty based on her old and new photos. Kim used to have a flattened visual line on her eyebrow which turns concave and convex towards the tip of the nose. She also had a broad pear-shaped and droopy nasal tip. These days, however, the reality star now has a smooth and clean concave visual line on her eyebrow. Her broad pear-shaped nasal tip has become smaller and more refined, while her droopy nasal tip was rotated up, thereby shortening her nose.

It is important for anyone planning to have rhinoplasty to weigh things carefully and never give in to peer pressure just to please other people. Nobody should dictate one’s decision to undergo rhinoplasty, not even one’s sibling, partner, friends, colleagues or even a celebrity. It is a personal decision that should be carefully thought out.

Kim Kardashian nose job pictures

Look at pictures and decide for yourself. who nose what she has done :

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