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What Size Pants does Kim Kardashian Wear?


What is Kim Kardashian’s pant size ? A good number of people may be wondering about this as the reality TV star is famed for her shapely behind which gives her a very pronounced curvy figure. Her big and well-rounded rear has left many curious about Kim’s true pants size.


Many of her followers are not convinced by her declared pant sizes as they are smaller than what can actually accommodate her voluptuous figure. It is quite difficult for Kim Kardashian to convince people that she can fit in size 27 jeans because she is far from skinny. In addition, size 27 is not sufficient to accommodate her protruding behind which measures 39 inches.

Whether or not Kim is telling the truth, one should not fail to remember that there is no universal size for clothes – be it pants, dress or shorts. It is for this reason that this fact should be acknowledged in order to give a truthful verdict over Kim Kardashian’s true pants size.

Kim Kardashian Pants Collection

Kim Kardashian has a very strong affection for several styles of pants. She is often seen wearing trousers, yoga pants and tight-fitting leggings. She is also fond of donning high-waist pants and skinny pants. And when Kim visits the gym as she regularly does, she is usually spotted in sports pants with a pair of rubber shoes. The reality TV star also looks gorgeous in high-waisted shorts and rompers.

Weight Loss for Smaller Pants Size

No one can deny the fact that Kim had lost substantial weight compared to how she looked before. There is a possibility that she could fit into smaller pant sizes than what people seem think. Recent photos of the Keeping up with the Kardashians starlet in bikini revealed a slimmer but still curvy Kim Kardashian. Kim is known to follow a strict diet and exercise plan to keep her beautiful curves while remaining healthy at the same time. It should also be noted that she is not really muscular and only stands 5 feet and 2 ½ inches tall, so it is possible that she could fit into size 27 pants.

So, what size pants does Kim Kardashian wear? People may argue about her pants size but no one could deny the fact that Kim’s curves make her gorgeous in everything she wears.

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